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This website provides additional material for The Culture of Design and Economies of Design as well as resources for the study of Design Culture.

Guy Julier is University of Brighton Professor of Design Culture and the Victoria & Albert Museum Principal Research Fellow in Contemporary Design.

Design Culture is the study of the interrelationships between design artefacts, in all their manifestations, the work of designers, design production (including marketing, advertising and distribution) and their consumption.  

Forthcoming events

V&A Design Culture Salon

Supported by the University of Brighton and the Research Dept. and the Learning Dept. of the Victoria & Albert Museum.

Social Design Talks

Jointly organised by Lucy Kimbell, Young Foundation, Guy Julier,  University of Brighton, Victoria and Albert Museum, and Jocelyn Bailey Policy Connect

Design Culture Kolding

A series of lectures, seminars and events in Kolding with the Centre for Design, Culture and Management, University of Southern Denmark and the Kolding School of Design.

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