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The Culture of Design, 3rd revised edition.

Sage Publications
Publication:  December 2013


3rd edition:  new sections and chapters marked in magenta; substantially revised sections marked in green



one      design culture

Design culture as an object of study - Beyond Visual Culture: Design Culture as an academic discipline - Models for studying Design Culture - Design Culture beyond discipline?


two      design and production

The rise of design - Freelance, in-house and consultancy design - The establishment of design consultancy - The 1980s design consultancy boom - Neo-Fordist design - Post-Fordist design - Towards a brand ethos - Speeding up design and production - Design within disorganized capitalism  - The new economy - Conclusion


three   designers and design discourse

Definitions of design - The word ‘design’ in history - The professional status of design - Designers as ‘cultural intermediaries’ - Historicity and modernism in design discourse - Second modernity versus design management - Service design - Design Thinking - Conclusion


four     the consumption of design

The culture of consumption -Design and consumer culture - Passive or sovereign consumers? - De-alienation and designing - Commodities and the aesthetic illusion - Systems of provision - Circuits of culture - Designers and the circuit of culture - Writing about things - Consumption and practice - Conclusion


five      high design

Anomalous objects - High design - Design classics - Mediating production - Consuming postmodern high design: Veblen and Bourdieu – Historicity - Modern designers/modern consumers - Designers, risk and reflexivity - Critical design - Design art - Conclusion


six        consumer goods

Images - Surfaces - Doing the Dyson - Product semantics - Mood boards - Lifestyles and design ethnography - Back to the workshop - Product semantics and flexible manufacture - Designing global products - Product designers and their clients - Products and brand image - Product use - The iPod: consumption, practice and contingency – Conclusion


seven   branded places

Evaluating place: beyond architectural criticism - The Barcelona paradigm - Cultural economies, regeneration and gentrification - Museums and post-industrial place-making - Beyond nation-states: cities and regions - The branding of city-regions and nations - Problematizing the branding of place - Conclusion


eight    branded leisure

From Fordist to disorganized leisure - Time-squeeze and packaged leisure - The Disney paradigm - Post-tourists - Naked and nowhere at Center Parcs - Televisuality and designing leisure experiences - Dedifferentiation/distinction - Conclusion


nine     on-screen interactivity

Computers and graphic design - Technological development  - Professional practices - Critical reflection – Authorship – Readership - Consuming interactivity - Cybernetic loss - Liberation and regulation: the bigger picture - Bytes and brands - Conclusion


ten       communications, management and participation

Internal brand building - The end of advertising - Brand and communications consultancy - Employees as consumers - Aesthetic labour - Designing for creativity - Social participation and design activism - Conclusion


eleven networks and mobile technologies

iPhones and smartphones – Cyborgs - Closed and open networks - Cultural relativism and technological change - The competition of monopolies - Scripts and metadata - Agencement and dispositive – Assemblage – Articulation - Boundary objects and spaces - Conclusion


twelve studying design culture

A design culture turn - Writing design culture – Scope - Closed and open conceptions of design - Reflexivity and historicity – Mediation – Density – Dynamics – Materiality - Concluding remarks






What's new in this 3rd edition?

  1. An all-new Chapter 11 on networks and mobile technologies. This includes and in-depth discussion of the iPhone and its supporting technical, creative and economic infrastructures, Donna Haraway's 'Cyborg Manifesto' and an explanation of Actor-Network Theory.
  2. A brand new Chapter 12 entitled 'Studying Design Culture' in which I unpack some of the challenges and key questions that the student of this discipline might think about.
  3. New sections on 'service design', 'design thinking', 'critical design' and 'design art'.
  4. Updating of key facts and statistics on the design industries.
  5. New tables and figures.
  6. New chapter outlines.
  7. Full re-design


This is what the European Journal of Cultural Studies said about the first edition: `Julier provides an important contemporary account of how design disciplines act and interact in the world…. an important resource for the student of design… perfection as a cultural studies text'


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