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DesignCulture.info has two primary functions.

Firstly, this website provides a resource for further study for others interested in Design Culture and a support for Guy Julier's book The Culture of Design. It is not exhaustive. It doesn't attempt to encapsulate or define Design Culture. It attempts to give some pointers as to how this subject can be developed.

Secondly, it provides a platform for Guy Julier and a group of doctoral researchers working on projects in the scholarly field of Design Culture. They are mostly enrolled at the University of Brighton, UK or are associated with this university via doctoral fellowships. Of course, their primary aim is to do interesting research and get their PhDs. But we are also a community interested in learning from each other and developing the field of Design Culture.

While Design Culture draws from design history and design studies, we do not wish to replicate these. Thus, for example, the bibliographies are arranged thematically and most of them cover production, consumption and mediation within their respective themes.

The website is not arranged according to traditional design disciplines, eg. product, graphic, interior etc. This is available elsewhere. Design Culture dispenses with such demarcations. Instead it is structured around specific context and issue problematics.

Needless to say, this website is also a form of promotion in itself. It is here to encourage the academic study of Design Culture.


This site was originally created with excellent technical support and web-design advice from Tom Tyler. The header and footer illustrations were originally done by Jo Hassall for the first edition of The Culture of Design. Marq Smith gave additional suggestions.

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